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NILA GS Artificial Lift team is focused on providing effective solutions to optimize the production of our clients’ wells, through our strategic partnerships with world-class manufacturers


NILA Geo Solutions has an unmatched portfolio of innovative artificial lift solutions which automatically gives you access to industry specialists to assist you in overcoming the most technical challenges. We can advise you on the best artificial lift solutions throughout the lifecycle of your well and then keep them operating at peak performance to deliver the production rates you expect at the lowest possible lifting costs.

NILA GS has the ability to provide a wide range of quality Artificial Lift solutions.

Standard Electrical Submersible Pumping (ESP)

Our standard electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems use asynchronous motors and submersible pumps to lift fluid and gas from the reservoir to the surface. They are typically designed for moderate to heavy flow rates and come in a wide range of sizes. 

In addition to our standard ESP, NILA GeoSolutions offers a full suite of application-specific equipment to meet your ESP needs. We strive to offer innovative tools that create more value for oil and gas production companies.


SlimLine ESP systems use a permanent magnet motor and high-efficiency pump stages to produce wells with casing sizes as small as 4 and 4.5 in. (102 and 114 mm). Available in 2.72-in. (69-mm) and 3.19-in. (81-mm) sizes, our SlimLine systems are ideal for use in wells with high dogleg severity and when accessing sidetrack laterals. Built on proven PowerSave ESP system technology, these slim ESPs reduce power consumption by 25–30% compared to the most efficient ESPs driven by induction motors.  

Ξ  Glide through deviations in 4 and 4.5-in. casing

Ξ  Industry-leading OD and ESP length make running in hole easy

Ξ  Easily access sidetracks, produce inside the curve


The PowerSave ESP System combines proprietary pump-stage design, precision parts manufactured using powder metallurgy, and advanced permanent magnet motor (PMM) technology to lower electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system power consumption by 25–30% or more. Reducing your electrical consumption is an effective way to reduce your carbon emissions.

Ξ  With PMM motors, superior stage design, and precision powder metallurgy

Ξ  Reduces ESP length by 60%


The Colibri rigless ESP system requires only reinforced carrying cable to be deployed and retrieved. All operations can be conducted on modified slickline equipment. There is no need for a rig, making it a truly rigless electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system. Saving both time and money, cable deployment enables operators to resume production quickly without having to kill the well. The short-term result is a decrease in deferred production without having to wait and pay for the rig required in standard ESP operations. The long-term implications include eliminating rigs from ESP installations altogether, reducing risk, and lowering the number of personnel required to install ESPs.

Ξ  Eliminate the rig during ESP deployment, removal

Ξ  Simple cable deployment eliminates the cost, time, and personnel needed for a rig


Novomet rotary displacement cylindrical pumps provide trouble-free operation in wells with low flow rates and in wells with highly viscous oil. It eliminates the need for elastomeric materials, which are the most vulnerable components in progressive cavity pumps (PCPs). Rather, it uses an all-metal stator and cam-type rotor to create metal-to-metal sealing.

The result is an all-new pump design that delivers superior lifting performance, efficiency, and runlife in low-flow conditions and heavy oil despite the presence of sand and gas.

Ξ  Produce high-viscosity fluid

Ξ  The rotary design pumps fluids ranging from 20 – 5,000 cSt


Novomet PMMs are viewed as the industry leader and the benchmark to which all other PMMs are compared.

Our permanent magnet motor (PMM) is the preferred motor in the artificial lift industry for electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems. These powerful motors are the most reliable, robust, and energy efficient motors available with the widest range of available sizes and horsepower options.

In unconventional wells, our permanent magnet motors deliver superior runlife with exceptional reliability by running cooler than induction motors. In conventional plays, they not only run longer than induction motors, but they also reduce electricity consumption with superior efficiency, helping customers reduce carbon emissions. And in smaller casing sizes, our 217, 319, and 406 series ESP PMMs can be run deeper in hole and leave more room for fluid production so operators can keep producing from slimhole wells where other ESP systems can’t fit.

Novomet ESP permanent magnet motors are powerful, efficient, and relentless.

Ξ  Proven, rugged PMMs run cooler, longer, and through more gas slugs than induction motors

Ξ  Glide through 4½-in. and 5-in. casing to produce oil where other ESPs can’t fit


A new line of high-quality, low-cost progressing cavity pumps (PCP) designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada. Technically Supported Locally.

The Next Generation of Progressing Cavity Pumps

Looking for a high-quality, low-cost pump? Explore our new line of progressing cavity pumps (PCP). Our streamlined products line of pumps are designed by the most reputable and pioneering minds in PC pumping technology Lifting Solutions  

All Lifting Solutions product solutions are designed and manufactured in Canada, by a team of specialists using proven industry knowledge and experience. With the support of our partner Lifting Solutions, NILA GS is focused on supporting you with you next-generation project and flawless execution.


Ξ  Legacy-free, optimized product line developed from scratch that is easy to configure, operate, and service
Ξ  Direct threaded stators to reduce costs and to avoid welds that are potential failure locations
Ξ  Fit-for-purpose geometries to accommodate common casing and tubing sizes without the requirements for
special accessories
Ξ Manufactured using new, modern technology and efficient practices in a PCP-dedicated manufacturing
facility for a low-cost, high-quality product
Ξ  Quality ensured using rigorous process controls and targeted inspections on all pumps including stator bond
testing and rotor and stator dimensional measurements

m3/day/100 RPM

Surface Pumping Systems Equipment and Services

Horizontal Pumping System

Novomet surface pumps use technology developed for downhole electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems to deliver reliable, low-maintenance pumps that help customers control costs.

We install centrifugal and multiphase pumps and offer fully mobile systems with the HPS skid and variable speed drive mounted on a trailer.

While multiple companies offer surface pumps, Novomet HPS have the added benefit of being able to handle high volumes of gas—up to 97% free gas volume.


Our surface pump benefits

Ξ  Control upfront costs and reduce maintenance spend

Ξ  Avoid downtime with a modular system that is easy to repair

Ξ  Reduce environmental impact with fewer leaks and emissions

Ξ  Effectively pump fluids with up to 97% of gas


Our surface pumps can be used across a wide range of upstream, midstream, and industrial applications including:

Ξ  Injection wells

Ξ  Surface fluid transfer

Ξ  Pipeline boosting

Ξ  High-pressure pumping

Ξ  Mine dewatering



We believe that your success depends on ensuring your installation is supported by our eminently capable Field Engineers and Field technicians.


Complete analysis of entire pumping unit and pump performance

Additional Well Performance Optimization

NILA GeoSolutions leverages the industry’s top tools such as Echometer Model E Well Analyzer and NR Tec Smart Shots to provide timely and accurate testing results at highly competitive rates. The Echometer Model E Well Analyzer is a rugged and reliable integrated artificial lift data acquisition and diagnostic system that maximizes:

Ξ  Well productivity

Ξ  Reservoir pressure

Ξ  Well performance

By measuring: 

Ξ  Surface pressure

Ξ  Overall efficiency

Ξ  Power and pressure transient response

Our field technicians are skilled in all aspects of Acoustic Measurement, experienced in Fluid Level Determination, and committed to safety, ensuring top quality optimization services. 

Acoustic Measurement for Fluid Level Determination 

Ξ  Is there liquid above the pump? At what depth is the top of the liquid column?

Ξ  Is gas flowing up the annulus? If yes, at what rate?

Ξ  What is the casing-head pressure? Is it changing with time?

Ξ  What is the percent liquid in the annular fluid column?

Ξ  What is the pressure at the perforations?

Ξ  What is the percent of the maximum oil rate that is currently being produced?

Ξ  What is the maximum rate that could be produced from the well?

Ξ  What is the sound speed in the annular gas?

Ξ  What is the average gravity of the gas in the annulus?

Ξ  Are there any restrictions or anomalies in the annulus above the liquid level?

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